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Top Discharge Basket Centrifuge

Top Discharge Basket Centrifuge

Basket Centrifuge Top Discharge Type this is the most basic type of Centrifuge Machine that is widely used in many industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, R & D Pilot Plant and allied industries. Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge has a Vertical Basket assembly and is easy for processes having Easy to filter material characteristics. The slurry/ filterable material is loaded from the top and then the solids are removed Manually/ scooped from Top of the machine These Machines are available in Four-point suspension & 3-point Pendulum/ Suspension assembly Capacity- diameter in inches- Basket Centrifuge Top Discharge Type.

General Features: 

  • 4 Point Suspension: Centrifuge is mounted on four viscous Dampers. Variable Frequency Drive: The operating speeds of the centrifuge are controlled by a

  • Variable Frequency Drive. The Standard Braking System for this model is Dynamic Braking.

  • Taper Lock Pulleys: These pulleys are easier to mount and dismount.

  • Cake Washing Nozzles: Special Spray nozzles with defined conical pattern spray are provided so that the entire surface of the cake is covered uniformly with minimal quantity while maintaining repeatable washing performance.

  • Shaft Protection Sleeve: A stainless Steel sleeve is mounted on the exposed part of the shaft to protect it from corrosion.

  • Easy Maintenance: The machine design affords minimal maintenance. Greasing points enable easy lubrication to the Bearings.

Special Properties:

  • Gentle solids discharge without particle destruction

  • Flexible adaptation for difficult to filter products

  • Lossless filter cake discharge

  • Automatic CIP cleaning

  • Easy accessibility of all machinery parts in contact with the product

  • Excellent washing and extraction effect

  • Simple centrifuge design

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