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Pressure Leaf Filter

Attaquant Pressure Leaf Filter systems have been specifically designed to provide a large filtration area which is made possible due to the shape of their filter leaf elements. These vertical pressure leaf filter systems produce high filtrate clarity after the clarification run. Different types of filter aids can be used in our pressure leaf filters to improve filtrate quality.


Pressure leaf filters work by feeding a liquid (dirty influent) into a pressure vessel under pressure. The liquid passes through filter leaves leaving behind the solids in the form of a cake. The filtered liquid (filtrate, or clean effluent) exits the filter through the manifold connecting all the filter leaves.

The filter cake is then discharged from the vessel either by sluicing with a separate liquid or as a dry solid via vibration.

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  • Petrochemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Edible Oil Processing Unit

  • Foods

  • Beverages

  • Chemicals

  • Bio-Fuels


1) We Design as per client requirement
2) All material used are of standard make
3) At bottom pneumatic butterfly valve is                  provided for easy 
4) We don't compromise in quality & thickness
5) We provide DQ, IQ, PQ, Test Certificate &          PMI test certification for material.
6) We manufacture in Special Alloy with                  explosion bonding. 
7) We have expert team in designing &                    manufacturing


  • Proven Technology

  • Fully Automated, ensures safety

  • Easy access to the filter leaves for removal of the cake.

  • Small footprint required, Maximized space

  • Endurance to High Temperatures

  • High Filtration throughput

  • Filtrate Clarity

  • Strong Resistance for long lasting performance

  • Good Filtration Area

  • Simple & Economical

  • Easy to Install

  • No rotating part, Keeping maintenance to Low

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