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  Liquid Distributer

  Liquid Distributer

We Attaquant Design and Manufacture Liquid Distributer for all types of Distillation Columns. We manufacture in following MOC SS 316L, SS 304, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Zirconium etc.

Liquid distributors are an important component of column internals. They provide adequate distribution of the liquid onto the packed bed and structured packing. To achieve an intensive mass transfer between the phases, the liquid should be distributed equally across the packed column area.

Distributors are internals installed above a packed bed, which perform the job of providing a finite liquid distribution over the packed bed. A distributor allows the liquid to be distributed over the packed bed in discrete streams.

Liquid distributors are a key element of the packed column and its packing efficiency depends on good liquid distribution provided by the distributor. It is internally installed above the packed bed, which performs the function of providing a finite liquid distribution over the packed bed.


  • Mixing capability for redistribution to the next bed

  • Low vapor phase pressure drop

  • Resistance to plugging or fouling

  • Uniform liquid distribution

  • Minimum liquid resistance time

  • Proper operation through its turndown range

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