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Attaquant Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, founded by technocrats with extensive industrial experience in technology, process and equipment design, manufacturing, system integration, plant modifications, automation, project management, and process consultancy, specializes in providing wastewater treatment solutions, Distillation Plants, Evaporations Plants, Herbal Extraction Plants.

The company designs and manufactures a wide range of process equipment, including but not limited to condensers, reboilers, preheaters, product coolers, thin film evaporators, thin-film dryers, short path distillation units, liquid-liquid extraction systems, strippers, forced circulation evaporators, falling film evaporators, rising film evaporators, reactors, distillation columns, packings, dryers, wastewater treatment plants, ETP, STP, and all types of fabricated components using high-quality materials sourced from reliable vendors. All products are manufactured in strict adherence to industry standards and can be customized to meet clients' specific needs at competitive prices. Additionally, Attaquant Enterprises Pvt. Ltd offers technical services such as research and development, project management, design, erection, and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance of plants and supply of spares.

Furthermore, the company provides pilot plant trials for evaporation, drying, distillation, and filtration to help clients optimize their processes. Attaquant Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is committed to energy-saving technology and offers comprehensive solutions on unit operations such as drying, evaporation, distillation, extraction, crystallization, and more.

Director Note: 

As the director of Attaquant Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., I am proud of the growth and success our company has achieved since its founding. Our commitment to engineering and providing solutions for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food companies has propelled us to a leadership position in the industry.

At the heart of our company's mission is a deep commitment to our customers. We understand that their satisfaction is paramount, and we are obsessed with meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive high-quality products and services that are tailored to their unique needs and specifications.

Our extensive range of products and services includes process equipment such as centrifuges, column internals, mass transfer internals, and filters. We also offer pilot plant services and a range of other services designed to support our customers throughout the product lifecycle.

Thank you for considering Attaquant Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. as your engineering and solutions partner. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and exceed your expectations.

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